For professional Vehicle Servicing by a team of professional Dublin car mechanics, contact Cloverhill Autos today

Cloverhill Autos offers a range of high-quality vehicle servicing suitable for private and commercial vehicles as well as fleet vehicles. From general car servicing to in-depth inspections and diagnostics, our team of Dublin auto specialists offer unparalleled accuracy and professionalism when it comes to our Dublin vehicle servicing.

Cloverhill Autos is fully equipped with everything you need for a full vehicle service, providing inspections on everything from your engine to electronics, tyres, clutch, and more.

For a Dublin vehicle service you can rely on, contact the Cloverhill Autos team today.

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Offering an Extensive Range of vehicle Servicing, Including

  • Full Vehicle Servicing

  • Commercial Vehicle Servicing

  • Fleet Vehicles Servicing

  • Engine Servicing

  • Brake Servicing

  • Steering Servicing

  • Tyre Servicing

  • Light Servicing

  • Fluid & Oil Servicing

  • Electronics Servicing

  • Air Conditioning Servicing

  • Visual Inspection

Servicing FAQ

  • I’m looking for a car servicing garage near me. Can you help?

    Yes. Cloverhill Autos is a Dublin car servicing garage located in Ballyfermot. Get in touch to book a vehicle service today.

  • Do you provide commercial vehicle servicing?

    Yes, we provide commercial vehicle servicing for a range of commercial vehicles as well as for fleet vehicles. Get in touch for more information on this.

  • How much does a full car service cost?

    The price of full car servicing varies depending on whether repairs are required or not. Get in touch with our team today for more on our prices for full car servicing.